for complete 2WD and 4WD Chassis Dynamometer ( Rolling Road ) 
1,200 Hp static / 1,600 hp dynamic 
power absorbtion capacity click on below flashing image  

also available: Data Acquisition Systems for any Dyanamometer, 
SUN RAM XI, XII, MAHA LPS 13, LPS 2000, Hofmann, Bosch, Superflow, Dynojet, Mustang, Clayton
Data Acquisition Systems for industrial applications

We can supply Data Acquisition and Graphical Analysis Systems for any need and for almost any applications from low cost to high end systems in accordance with customer requirements.

Our hardware is designed as modular sub-systems which can be combined to form a data acquisition system with up to 256 imput channels for virtually any sensor or transducer. Our design philosophy is to produce systems which are extremely user-friendly requiring only a bare minimum of training.

We would be pleased to send you an individual quotation acccording to your exact requirements and look forward to
hearing from you soon.

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