for complete 2WD and 4WD Chassis Dynamometer ( Rolling Road ) 
1,200 Hp static / 1,600 hp dynamic 
power absorbtion capacity click on below flashing image  

also available: Data Acquisition Systems for any Dyanamometer, 
SUN RAM XI, XII, MAHA LPS 13, LPS 2000, Hofmann, Bosch, Superflow, Dynojet, Mustang, Clayton


The Electronics of the TAT Data Acquisition Systems

     kist41.jpg (40321 Byte)

  the above picture shows some examples of the different kinds of sensor input boxes


flakit2.jpg (22738 Byte)

the above picture shows all the parts which are included with every one of our systems

(except the FLA-Data interface - this is included only with Enhancements for the BOSCH FLA Rolling Roads)


The Concept of the TAT Data Acquisition Systems

The system concept is such, that at any time any one of our systems can be upgraded with further input channels for more sensors.

We essentially have two different sensor input boxes:

- Type I which is for analog input signals in the range of 0-10 Volts.   Sensors with a current output (e.g. 4-20mA can also be used with this box type, as well as sensors which output a variable resistance).

- Type II which is dedicated for type "K" thermocouples.  Type "K" thermocouples can be used to measure temperatures up to  1,200 ░Celsius.  (2200 ░ Farenheit), so they are ideally suited to measure hot gases e.g. exhaust gas temperatures directly in the exhaust port.

All systems are made up out of combinations of these boxes.  The boxes are stacked neatly on top of each other and are connected in parallel at the back - similiar to a hi-fi stereo system.  The boxes are connected via a single 25-core digital cable (V.24 cable - looks like a standard printer cable from the outside) to a digital I/O card mounted in the PC. 


This concept has several advantages:

- interference generated by the engine, electric motors, pumps, retarders, or the dyno itself is kept well away from the PC

- sensor input lines to the signal input box can be kept short, which aids rejection against outside interference, reduces costs, and last but not least helps in achieving a neat and orderly data acquisition installation.

- the distance between the sensor input box and PC is non-critical and can be 5m, 10m, or even 15m.


The channel inputs:

- each analog input channel has two regulated power outputs, a regulated 5V output and a 10V output.  These can be used to power active sensors such as the commonly used piezo-resistive pressure sensors.   With this concept only a single connection cable between sensor and input box is required.   When using a 3-core shielded cable, the first core is used for power to the sensor, the second for the sensor's output signal and the third for the ground connection.


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